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My journey to CREAMY.

Every person, sooner or later, gets into a situation that radically affects and changes their life. Sometimes several things break at the same time. Because when something is about to go wrong, it usually happens all at once.

In this respect, 2019 was a crucial year for me. I stood at an imaginary crossroads and decided what to do next. CREAMY didn't come about overnight. CREAMY is the outcome of a long journey.

I enjoy creating and bringing projects to life. And to give the structure not only form or order but also the soul. So that everything together makes sense. That's why CREAMY.

For me, CREAMY is holistic. It is about creativity, awareness and transformation. About being myself and taking my life into my own hands.

I, therefore, dedicate the first of the stories to my journey to CREAMY. My professional journey and the acquired experiences helped me get to where I have and want to be today. I am grateful to all the people who have helped me on this journey of knowledge, whether good or bad. Every experience, even the worst, moves you somewhere. Thanks to our experience, we learn, shape and grow. My path took me exactly where I was supposed to be at the right moment, to the breaking point. It was February 14th, 2022, when the CREAMY story started.

❤️ + 🧠 = CREAMY

Jana Barbati Chadová, My journey to CREAMY.
Jana Barbati Chadová, My journey to CREAMY.


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