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Where others stop, we begin.


Blum-Novotest s.r.o. is a traditional, family-owned company with German roots and an international reach. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality accessories for CNC machining tools, including lasers and probes, and offer comprehensive, customized, and turnkey solutions. As a progressive innovator, we have seen significant development and business growth since 2010.


With this growth, the need to focus on our marketing efforts has become clear. Developing an effective strategy requires a holistic approach, starting from the basics. Marketing alone isn’t enough; every aspect of the business, brand, marketing, and communication must harmoniously connect and support one another.


This is where CREAMY comes in.



Our primary goal at this stage was to assess the Blum-Novotest brand thoroughly, akin to a preventive medical check-up. With a clear diagnosis, we can develop tailored strategies to keep the brand robust and thriving.



We began with an in-depth analysis to solidify the brand and create actionable growth recommendations. We evaluated Blum-Novotest's current state, generating a “diagnosis” to pinpoint its current state. This process highlighted areas for improvement, new opportunities, and untapped potential.


The outcome is a clear, user-friendly, and structured document that is easy to implement. It encompasses a comprehensive analysis, an initial set of strategic recommendations, and concrete proposals for next steps.


We started with the fundamentals. Establishing the brand's core attributes is crucial, providing a foundation for future growth. Insights from our in-depth analysis guided us in setting priorities and recommending further steps for:


    •    Updating and refining the company’s business strategy

    •    Strengthening and developing the brand

    •    Enhancing marketing efforts and enriching communication


Beyond the analysis documentation, strategic recommendations, and proposals, we also crafted key documents to support implementation. For example, we developed a company presentation, dubbed the “Opener,” designed to streamline meetings with potential clients.


Spring 2024 - Completion of the in-depth analysis and delivery of the first set of strategic proposals and recommendations.

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