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From a recruitment agency to an open job platform.


Our Role in Transforming the peopleTOretail Brand.


peopleTOretail has evolved from a recruitment agency into an open, highly specialised job platform for the retail industry. It started with the objective of building a community of professionals active in the retail market and enhancing our country's retail culture. It is not just a pure job portal. It's also a hub for original content, to which the CREAMY team actively contributed. 

Colour up your career with us

Video presentation of the project developed on the occasion of the peopleTOretail launch (2023).

There are several versions of the video:

  • an extended 90-second version of a complete project presentation

  • thematic short tactical cuts for active social media communication and for campaign purposes. 

Project goals

- simplify the path to better jobs in the retail industry,

- inspire people, help them find their dream job in the field,

- support their personal development and professional growth,

- and provide them with the tools, support, and resources they need to grow and keep up with the fast-paced world.


We are dedicated to working on projects that positively impact the world around us. In this case, we wanted to actively and tangibly improve the image of retail employment. In the Czech Republic alone, more than a million people work in the retail industry, and, unfortunately, this sector often doesn’t have a good reputation among people. In Western countries, the perception is quite different. Additionally, marketing and communication are absolutely essential for recruitment and HR today. 


What did we do? 

We started from scratch. We helped reshape the company concept, business model, and brand strategy. We didn’t just give the new peopleTOretail a new look or form—we gave it a new soul, energy, content, tone, style, and identity. We crafted tailored marketing and communication strategies for this new brand and brought them to life. We implemented a new visual identity for the brand and created content for the website and social media platforms, focusing mainly on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.




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