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Enrian: Creating Value through Digital Innovation. Comprehensive marketing that makes sense

For the international IT and consulting company Enrian Partners a.s. we make a complete brand and marketing strategy, which we also bring to life.

In 8 years on the market, Enrian managed to develop, for example, banking and mortgage applications in Central Europe, Italy, Great Britain and South Africa. It grew unstoppably, and with the growing number of projects and employees, it was necessary to take the brand and its marketing to the next level. Start profiling consistently - towards clients and partners - as well as co-workers and employees. In short, a well-established company must be able to express its essence, vision and mission effectively. And verbalize its "why", values and foundations, where and how it is headed, and most importantly, why. And then start to communicate all this clearly in the right way, addressing the right target groups... And that's why CREAMY is here.

Enrian Brand Transformation with CREAMY
Enrian Brand Transformation

Why are we involved? We do marketing for Enrian to make the company visible and anchor the brand internationally. At the same time, we help with employer branding to reach and attract new talented #Enrianers. After almost ten years on the market, the company has a whole range of unique know-how. It would be a shame not to share it with the world! On top, many talented people from all over the world work for Enrian, forming a well-performing, efficient and coordinated team. Lastly, the company's values, which include ethics, joy at work and sustainable growth - which Enrian firmly adheres to - coincide with our CREAMY's values. Being on the same wave counts. A lot.

What is our communication about? We have created a communication line for Enrian that has three main pillars. We are now regularly communicating through #InsideEnrian articles, which we are working on with the company's management. Another pillar is the #EnrianWay, where we reveal the most interesting projects. The last one is #Enrianers, where we present individual employees of the company, their professional journey and experience.

New logo Enrian, white transparent
New logo Enrian

In the first year of cooperation,

  • we consolidated the brand fundamentals and tone of voice and helped Enrian create a new visual identity. Now you can see it live across communication channels, including the new website.

  • we communicate projects and significant events on the company's LinkedIn profile and address (not only) employees, families and friends on #Enrianers Instagram.

  • we participated in an international fintech conference in Prague.

  • we kicked off some PR, for example, an interview with the company's CEO and co-founder, Enrico Scopa, for

Last year we worked on consolidating brand fundamentals. Now we are ready to evolve and expand.

So what are we up to?

We are:

  • preparing marketing and PR activations in Italy and other European countries.

  • launching a new series of case studies in the website's brand new #EnrianWay section.

  • cooperating with Cocuma to express Enrian´s company culture at best. Their philosophy and approach meet ours, and you will be able to check the new Enrian profile on Cocuma in English and Czech at the end of February 2023. In parallel, we are working on a new and consistent "Join" us section for our website.

  • shaping up and sharpening our Instagram strategy

  • ...

Many new things will happen in 2023, so stay tuned for more...

Enrico Scopa, co-founder & CEO, Enrian
"CREAMY has been the driving brain behind the refresh and sharpening of our Brand Identity and External Communicaton, that was necessary after a journey of growth that brought us at a different scale and level of visibility compared to the past. We needed someone patient and experienced and at the same time provocative that would spend real time in breathing on the ground our values and culture and aspirations, and crystallise it for internal and external communication. CREAMY is making our image better fitting to what we become."

Enrico Scopa, co-founder & CEO Enrian Partners a.s.


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